Hemorrhoid Causes

Which hemorrhoid causes you need to be aware of | the most common causes of hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids are an incredibly painful condition. If you have ever suffered from then you will know. This is a condition which can normally present itself in most people. However, like most conditions, hemorrhoid is something which mostly occurs in a few ‘at risk’ groups. On this page I want to discuss a little bit about which people are more at risk from the condition. So basically, we are going to take a little look at the ‘Hemorrhoid Causes’.

There are many hemorrhoid causes out there. These are the main ones however. If you are in one of these groups then I suggest that you keep an eye out for the following signs of hemorrhoids.

If any of the following occur then I suggest that you get to the doctor as soon as possible:

  • Bleeding from the Rectum. You will notice either droplets of blood in the toilet (not always in your stools) or on the paper when you wipe.
  • Lumps around the entrance to your anus. Sometimes these lumps will be sensitive or painful to the touch.
  • Severe pain in and around your anus.

The Hemorrhoid Causes (or at least the most common ones) and Factors Which Increase Our Odds of Getting Hemorrhoids are as Follows:

Being over 50 years of age

Those that are over the age of fifty should regularly check to see if they have any of the symptoms above. This is because as you get older, the lower muscles in the body start to weaken. This can put severe pressure on the blood vessels around the entrance to the anus which can cause them to swell up considerably. Doctors recommend that those over the age of fifty should be checking at least once a week. It is especially important if you are older because in some cases you are at risk of cancer around this area, and quite often the only way that you are going to be able to spot it is to carry out an inspection every so often of this nature!

A family history (Genetics)

Some people are naturally predisposed to suffering from hemorrhoids. Doctors believe this is genetic. This is because there is a greater chance of you suffering from hemorrhoids if somebody in your close family has suffered from it before. This is due to weakened blood vessels around your whole body, not just around the anal area. Therefore, if somebody close to you has suffered from the conditions previously then I suggest you check down there often! And please do not panic, there are plenty of valuable information on how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast out there!

Being overweight

Many people who suffer from the condition are overweight. This is because they are putting a ton of pressure on the lower reaches of their body. This isn’t only going to cause damage to your blood vessels but damage elsewhere on your body. If you are suffering from persistent hemorrhoids when you are overweight then the only thing that you are going to be able to do is to lose weight.

Being pregnant

Effective home treatment for hemorrhoids during the pregnancy Much in the same way that ‘overweight’ people have the chance of suffering from hemorrhoids, those that are pregnant can also suffer from the condition. This is because the body is going to be placing a great deal of pressure on the anal area. Thankfully, this is a problem which normally clears up as soon as you have given birth. If you are having problems whilst pregnant then I suggest that you get in touch with a doctor. Much of the hemorrhoid medication that is available on the market is not designed for those that are pregnant. It could potentially harm the baby and you really don’t want to take the risk do you?


Straining too hard when you let stools pass is also grounds for hemorrhoids, and perhaps one of the major hemorrhoid causes in those that are slightly younger. The straining does not need to be a result of constipation (although this is quite often a factor), it is normally down to the fact that the stools are too hard. If you find that you are straining a lot to pass your stools then you may want to start to integrate more fibre into your diet (there is plenty of hemorrhoids diet information online that can help you with this!)

Prolonged diarrhea

Persistent Diarrhea can quite often lead to hemorrhoids. This of course isn’t because you are pushing too much. It is because there is a lot of ‘friction’ being caused on the blood vessels around your anus, and the more they get ‘used’ the more chance they have of swelling up. If you are suffering from diarrhea for more than a couple of days then you NEED to get in touch with your doctor. In most cases it is going to be a great deal more than your hemorrhoids which are going to happen. Many people who have diarrhea can be severely dehydrated!

Sitting for extended periods

Many people who work office jobs i.e. ones who sit for long periods of time tend to suffer from hemorrhoids. This is because there is going to be a lot of pressure on the anus. If you are in one of these groups then I suggest that you get up and move around every so often. Once every couple of hours should be more than suffice.

Lifting heavy objects

Heavy lifting, much in the same way as being ‘overweight’ can quite often lead to hemorrhoids. Quite severe ones in fact. Many people who constantly work out in the gym suffer from them, as well as those that spend much of their time working a job which involves lifting heavy goods.

This is of course just a brief list of the various hemorrhoid causes out there. As I said at the start, almost everybody is at risk of them, there are just some groups who are ‘more at risk’. I suggest that if you are in any of the groups above then you take action to remedy it as soon as possible, or at least keep an eye out for the signs and symptoms if it is something that cannot be changed (i.e. your age!). Remember, the sooner you spot the hemorrhoids, the less trouble it is going to cause you in the future.


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